2015-Ladies to Pigeon Forge

 We always always have fun together, wherever we are or whatever we are doing. We love being together in a cabin in the mountains of TN. We love eating together, riding sleds on a mountain, watching a comedy show (especially when Loretta is on the stage), eating at restaurants or having a BIG breakfast in the cabin and worshipping during devotion time. We look forward to this time all year!





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Egg Hunt 2012

What is Easter without an egg hunt for the children to follow the service?    We have beautiful grounds to hide the eggs and all love watching the children scamper around with their baskets/containers gathering them.  We had so many eggs to hide that it officially became an “egg roll” where we just kept rolling them out of the containers, anywhere and everywhere on the grass!  When the children came out and were standing on the sidewalk before beginning, they were amazed at the eggs they saw.

There were quarter eggs, one dollar eggs, prize eggs for stuffed animals and dvd’s.   When the hunt was over, they were so excited with the number of eggs they had and the prizes involved.

Thank you to all who brought the candy filled eggs! You always give abundantly and our children reaped the benefit.  God is good!


Palm Sunday Easter Program/Drama 2012

On Palm Sunday, Jaci Gambrel, Sydney Portwood and Morgana Ballinger, from Kidz Church, sang “Mighty to Save” and “For All You’ve Done” with Dale Dufour leading and accompanying on the piano.  They worshipped in dance to “One Way Jesus” and participated in a reading with Kidz Church Leaders, Christopher and Dale Dufour.   Morgana sang and played “I Am” as a solo.  What a blessing to us, watching them worship!

Christopher Dufour wrote and directed “The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ”, a drama performed by several of our adults.  We viewed scenes from the Garden of Eden, the raising of Lazarus, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.  Everyone enjoyed the performance and appreciates the time and effort the cast members took so we could be blessed.   Our impression was “Wow!”  Thank you to Christopher and Dale Dufour, Charlie and Ollie Hall, Danny and Louise Spivey, Jeff Peal, Jody and Betty Bartley, Bonnie Harris, Gail Osborne, Missy Bartley and Pastor Ballinger.


Sun Rise Service 2012

There is just something about a Sun Rise service that makes one look forward to it all year!  Is it the effort of getting up so very early? Is it the darkness that is at the beginning of the service?  Is it the stillness of the early morning hours or the sense of the outside with birds chirping and occasional car passing?  We have had many Sun Rise services and have just finished our third one held outside.  A few have been when very cold, but this year was a pleasant 51!  We use tiki torches and candles for light and this year used a cross.

We sang Easter choruses to begin our service, then Gail Osborne (Mary Magdalene), Charlie Hall (Peter) and Pastor Ballinger (Beloved Disciple John) gave monologues that told how they felt after Christ was crucified and then again after His resurrection.  Shirley Gambrel sang, “The Tomb is Empty Now”.  Sister B talked of John 3:16, of the love of God to send His Son, how God loves us just the way we are but wants us to have the heart of Jesus.  As the darkness changed to light, we observed communion with thankfulness.  Such a sweet Spirit hovered around us!

As service ended, of course, there was the question, “where do we go for breakfast?”  We always eat!!  We continued fellowship at Golden Corral in Nicholasville.

Easter is such a happy, holy time!  Maybe we will see you next Easter at 6:30 a.m.  It is always so good to have people attend Sun Rise service for the first time and hear them say how blessed and happy they were that they came.  See you next year??

Bro. Herman Roy Sept. 5, 1930-Mar. 25, 2012

Our church is mourning the passing of one of our elder members, Cecil Herman Roy.  Bro. Roy began attending our church several years ago and then joined in 2009.  He came to Sunday morning service on March 25, feeling good and looking forward to watching UK basketball that afternoon.  Later that night he had a massive heart attack and went home to Jesus.

We are so glad of the time we had with Herman.  He loved to sing, he loved to listen to gospel music.  He left behind four sons and a daughter and their families, and a special great granddaughter, Morgan, that he would bring to church with him.

Thankfully, Herman loved the Lord!  His passing just re-inforces the need to be ready at any time to meet our Maker.

Herman, you will be missed!

Spring Is On It’s Way!! 3/12

Spring is on its way!  Perhaps a little earlier than normal, but we haven’t actually had much of a winter.  The trees are budding, the buttercups are up, the blooming bushes are in bud and watching everything come to life is amazing.  The brightness of the sun seems to put energy into us and cleaning begins!

Family Day, March 18, will be a time of worship, fellowship and food with our families.  Hopefully, everyone can bring “family” to service.  A potluck meal will follow in our Fellowship Hall.

Looking forward to Palm Sunday, April 1!  Kidz Church will be singing and worshipping with dance.  There will also be an adult Easter play.  The adults are enjoying their practice times, as long as it does not interfere with NCAA basketball (U.K.) games, haha.

Easter, April 8, begins with SunRise service at 6:30.  Praying the weather does not include rain that morning as we love to have this outdoor.  We meet in the parking lot between the church and the church garage.

Regular Sunday School and Morning Worship times on Easter.  Love seeing the kids in their Easter clothing! Hoping to have a lot of family and visitors during Morning Worship.  Since Easter and Christmas are sometimes the only time some people attend church, we are praying for a soul harvest on Easter.

The Egg Hunt will be on the church grounds following service.  Three age groups will hunt the multitude of candy filled plastic eggs and hopefully find all the prize money eggs.  Every child leaves with a basket overflowing!

We invite you to come worship with us.  Your soul will be blessed, you will find comfort, friendship and love.  See you at church?

Kidz Christmas Program 2011

Kidz Church had so much fun with their Christmas program!  Christopher and Dale Dufour, Kidz Church Ministry, worked with the children during Kidz Church.  They sang, had recitations and acted out the Christmas story.  Unfortunately, the Sunday of the play, three children were ill.  The others filled in and the play went on.  There seemed to be a special anointing on our service and many commented at how special the Kidz program was.  Thanks Christopher and Dale!

Spiderman Visits in October

On Sunday before Halloween, we had an unexpected visitor arrive to talk with our kids.  Spiderman was in town and wanted to let our kids know that even with his super powers, he NEEDED the Lord!!   Spiderman (Christopher Dufour) talked with Sister B, answering her questions as he told the kids and congregation about the joy and completeness that comes with salvation.

The kids were so excited!!  The adults were amazed and excited also!  It is not every day that a super hero comes to our church!

Ladies to Pigeon Forge, TN, Nov. 2011

For several years, some of our ladies go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, usually the first Thursday through Saturday of November.  That date is close enough to Christmas to buy gifts, far enough away from Thanksgiving and Christmas to not interfere with the holidays and past Oktoberfest, a costly time through the month of October in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg.  We have stayed in hotels in the past but for the last few years we have rented a cabin.

We leave on Thursday morning, laughing and talking all the way.  We eat, shop the outlet malls, walk around in Gatlinburg and sometimes tour the Church of God Smoky Mountain Children’s Home in Sevierville, TN if someone with us has not been.  (Tour reservations for the Home is required.) While in the cabin, we have all sorts of snacks and drinks, use the hot tub, play games, watch t.v., talk, etc.  We stay up late having fun with our “sisters”.

We had six to go this year and needed only one vehicle.  We tried to take minimal luggage as we knew we would be bringing our purchases back.  The food we took and ate, did not leave us enough space and the van was full in the back, on the sides and between the seats in the front.  We laughed and said we would be safe in an accident since we were wedged in with packages! At our last shopping stop, it was, “if you can’t hold it in your lap, you can’t buy it”!  Haha!

Looking forward to our time this year in November!  Added a few photo’s.





Praise Team at Nicholasville’s Rock Park Fence Oct. 2011

The Praise Team and musicians, from our church, were asked by Bro. Ed Morrow to join in with others at a singing to be held at the Rock Fence Park in Nicholasville, Ky. Bro. Ed has had people singing at his home yearly because he enjoyed gospel music. This year was different! Ed became Bro. Ed when he accepted Jesus Christ, also, he moved the event from his yard to a public park. Bro. Ed is a “senior citizen” ready to work for souls.

To say it was cold, is an understatement, haha. We sat in lawn chairs, wrapped in blankets! Chilling until time to sing! It was a different experience, singing outside in a public park. Several came to listen, several came from the park area drawn by the music. There were several groups invited to sing from different churches in the area.

Bro. Ed has already reserved a building for his 2012 singing, at another park in Nicholasville. He doesn’t want to have to contend with the weather. Thanks for the invite! We had a great time!

Hope you enjoy the pix!