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Ladies Visitation

It seems we never can get together without eating before, during or after, haha! The visitation team today, was Wilma Sexton, Pam Osborne, Loretta Colvin, Gail Osborne and Sister B. We had lunch and then went to visit shut-ins and two nursing homes. A single lady and a couple were at one home and a pastor’s widow at another home. Sister Keyton has been on our list for several years now and was greatly missed at our church when she became ill. She loves it when we come and also loves the candy that is usually brought. A little spoiling is a good thing!FullSizeRender





Pastor Appreciation Day 2016

A great day! As Pastor B says, “We have the best church in Ky!” A great group of people, loving, giving, working, and worshipping. Thank you for the mound of restaurant gift cards! We love them! Thank you Bonnie Harris and Charlie Hall for your kind words, thank you Gail Osborne, Cathy Rhodus and Loretta Colvin for the Fellowship Hall d├ęcor, thank you Rev. Lonnie Daughtery for ministering. Again, a great day!FullSizeRender9FullSizeRender10FullSizeRender11FullSizeRender12FullSizeRender13IMG_1678FullSizeRender6FullSizeRender7FullSizeRender8