General News

Church Library

We have had many donations of books to our church library from folk in our congregation. We have children’s books, fiction and inspirational, we have fiction for adults, inspirational, self help and Bible study material. Keeping them organized, separated, alphabetized, and available is an ongoing job. There are cards to place your name, date and book titles on and then mark off when returned. It is done on the honor system. Thanks to Pastor Ballinger and Gary Frasure for building and painting the shelves. Thanks to Gail Osborne, Ruth Ann Harper and Wilma Sexton for helping me in getting the library functional. This is a great addition for our avid readers!6


New Friends from Memphis, TN

Rev. Iric and Lennie Headley, now part of our congregation, are former pastors of a church in Memphis, TN. They had pastored there ten years and had a couples group that met monthly. Seven of the couples came to Lexington for a couple of days to visit with the Headley’s. On Friday, April 22, they met in our Fellowship Hall for a time of food and fellowship. We met with them and enjoyed playing a Not So Newlywed game. The couples and the ones watching laughed and laughed. A good time and a time of new friendship!22





Greg Flora/Reagan Rooney Wedding 2-20-2016

Wedding of Greg Flora and Ree Rooney was at 2 P.M., Saturday, February 20, 2016.
The reception was in the church Fellowship Hall.




Spring Is On It’s Way!! 3/12

Spring is on its way!  Perhaps a little earlier than normal, but we haven’t actually had much of a winter.  The trees are budding, the buttercups are up, the blooming bushes are in bud and watching everything come to life is amazing.  The brightness of the sun seems to put energy into us and cleaning begins!

Family Day, March 18, will be a time of worship, fellowship and food with our families.  Hopefully, everyone can bring “family” to service.  A potluck meal will follow in our Fellowship Hall.

Looking forward to Palm Sunday, April 1!  Kidz Church will be singing and worshipping with dance.  There will also be an adult Easter play.  The adults are enjoying their practice times, as long as it does not interfere with NCAA basketball (U.K.) games, haha.

Easter, April 8, begins with SunRise service at 6:30.  Praying the weather does not include rain that morning as we love to have this outdoor.  We meet in the parking lot between the church and the church garage.

Regular Sunday School and Morning Worship times on Easter.  Love seeing the kids in their Easter clothing! Hoping to have a lot of family and visitors during Morning Worship.  Since Easter and Christmas are sometimes the only time some people attend church, we are praying for a soul harvest on Easter.

The Egg Hunt will be on the church grounds following service.  Three age groups will hunt the multitude of candy filled plastic eggs and hopefully find all the prize money eggs.  Every child leaves with a basket overflowing!

We invite you to come worship with us.  Your soul will be blessed, you will find comfort, friendship and love.  See you at church?

New look site

Hey take a look at the new church web site. We have given it a whole new look.

Leave us a comment to show you have visited. Would like to hear from you.

Our purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom and we feel this site gives us that opportunity.

Some parts of the site are still “under construction” so you may want to come back at a late date and take another look, OK?

May God Bless you!