Pastor Appreciation Day 2016

A great day! As Pastor B says, “We have the best church in Ky!” A great group of people, loving, giving, working, and worshipping. Thank you for the mound of restaurant gift cards! We love them! Thank you Bonnie Harris and Charlie Hall for your kind words, thank you Gail Osborne, Cathy Rhodus and Loretta Colvin for the Fellowship Hall décor, thank you Rev. Lonnie Daughtery for ministering. Again, a great day!FullSizeRender9FullSizeRender10FullSizeRender11FullSizeRender12FullSizeRender13IMG_1678FullSizeRender6FullSizeRender7FullSizeRender8

Spiderman Visits in October

On Sunday before Halloween, we had an unexpected visitor arrive to talk with our kids.  Spiderman was in town and wanted to let our kids know that even with his super powers, he NEEDED the Lord!!   Spiderman (Christopher Dufour) talked with Sister B, answering her questions as he told the kids and congregation about the joy and completeness that comes with salvation.

The kids were so excited!!  The adults were amazed and excited also!  It is not every day that a super hero comes to our church!

Kidz Backpack Day Aug. 2011

Last Summer, we decided to begin gathering school supplies and backpacks to give to the children in our church and to other children known by families in our congregation.  We began bringing in folders, notebooks, pencils, rulers, glue, crayons, colored pencils, ruled paper, hand sanitizer, kleenex-anything we thought would be on the “list” given out by various schools.  The backpacks were going to be an expense, so a letter was sent to WalMart asking for any help they could provide in our endeavor.  How wonderful to be given several backpacks and a monetary donation to use as needed.  We purchased more backpacks.  It was fun to watch the supplies begin to stack up!  I enjoyed helping stuff the backpacks!

A date was set to have a Kidz Backpack Day.  Several children were able to attend and be part of the day.  This included games, crafts, food, music, devotion, more games, more food, more crafts, more food and then their filled backpacks.  The children had such a good time and the adults were entertained by them.

It was great to have the church involved in providing not only for our church children but others in the community.  School supplies are a large expense for a family, especially if there is more than one child involved, along with clothing and shoes to begin the school year.  We were so happy to help.

Hope you enjoy the pix!

Ladies Day Trip to Bread of Life and Amish Store Aug. 2011

The ladies of our church enjoy going on day trips together.  We drove from Lexington to Liberty, Ky to eat at a restaurant called The Bread of Life.  The restaurant is partially staffed by teens from the Galilean Home.  They have a great buffet that we enjoy and many craft items, from around the area, that we love to browse through.

Following our lunch, we drove to a bulk food store owned by some of the Amish in the area.  It is amazing to purchase things like cinnamon sticks, brown gravy mix, noodles, etc. in bulk form.  There were homeopathic medicinal items, aprons, bonnets, kitchen items, homemade jellies, jams and breads.  We looked and looked, purchased, looked and looked, purchased and still did not see all there was.  Definitely on our schedule most every year.

We had a lot of fun just talking and laughing on the trip there and back.  These trips seem to bind our ladies together with friendship and love.

Hope you enjoy pictures of the trip!

Old Fashion Day 2011

It is amazing how much fun some of the congregation have on Old Fashion Day.  If we are planning special days, someone always wants to include it.  Sometimes there is a big range between the ideas of what “old fashion” consists of.   There are costumes from horse and buggy days, poodle skirts and flappers, lol.  Just a different day and a lot of joy.

The lunch usually consists of fried chicken, pinto beans, fried potatoes, hominy, cornbread, and cobblers.  Of course, there are add on dishes but few casseroles as they would be considered “new”, haha.  I have tended to get a few odd looks when stopping at Kroger, in full costume, to pick up the chicken.

The excitement is contagious as folk tend to hang near the front entrance waiting to see who will enter in costume.  Of course, there are cameras out catching those that have dressed up. Again, I will say, a fun day.

Enjoy the pics!